Digest of Anticoup Protests (20-02-2015)

*Image source: Mubasher Misr Network *

The 20th of February had many calls for protests by various movements -- including Anticoup aliance (ACA) -- in Egypt. CM team was monitoring the anticoup protests that went out on the 20th of February. The theme announced by ACA was "The coup makes terrorism", due to some events which happened the previous week.You can view and download the raw data of our monitoring in Arabic and English.

This week we monitored 78 anticoup events in 11 governorates. The top three governorates this week were Giza, Cairo and Faiyum.

Rallies were the most common type of events, followed by Human Chains. Other protest forms, namely vehicle rallies also happened.

We were unable to identify the organizers of a large number of protests. The pie chart bellow does not consider protests with unidentifiable organizers. By considering the subset of protests with known organiers as shown bellow we note that Anticoup Aliance organized a large majority of the protests -- 7 in 10 protests. The remaining protests were organized by Ultras groups.

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