Digest of anticoup protests (Fridays 2014)

Image source: Khanaqtona movement from various events in 2014

This post is the first report in a two-part series about anticoup protests in 2014. This post will summarise the 52 Friday protest events of 2014. The entire year will be summarised in the second part of this report.

In total, there were 4395 protest events in 24 governorates.If the events were evenly distributed over the 52 Fridays, it would mean that there was at least 3 protest every hour. Three aspects of the events will be covered in this post: Governorates, protest organizers and event types. To view or download the event data as Google spreadsheets, click here. If you're in a hurry, you can view a quick infographic summarising this report.

Note: The methodology used for collecting this event data is explained here.

Governorates distribution

First of all, lets inspect the total protest frequencies for the 52 Fridays. Every Friday had a "theme" which was chosen by the Anticoup Aliance who called for these protests each week. Click here to view the themes for all of the 52 Fridays. The Friday which had the most protest event is 'The voice of the poor is revolution'. The themes of the protests are usually chosen based on the preceding political events. In order to have a deeper insight about this chart, it is important to observe the rises and downfalls of the counts and the political and economic events in parallel.

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The image below illustrates the total count of protests for each governorate during the entire 52 Fridays. The most active governorates in terms of protest frequencies are Cairo, Dakahlia, Alexandria and Giza. Zooming in on the data for individual Fridays reveals similar patterns, therefore it is not surprising that the yearly data reflects the same pattern. Almost 6 in every 10 protests were organised in one of these four governorates throughout 2014, while the remaining 4 were organised in other governorates. There are 3 governorates where no events took place, namely: New valley, Red Sea, South Sinai.

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To visualise the governorate distribution geographically, bellow is a density map which highlights the density of the protest counts.

Organizers distribution

A wide range of bodies organized the protest events including women, youth and students. If we ignore the protests that had unknown organizers, the top organizer of protests in all of the 52 Fridays was Anticoup Aliance (ACA). At least 6 in every 10 protests were organised by ACA. The other organisers included youth, students and women groups.

In order to simplify the pie chart above, we will categorise each of the organisers in the chart into one of ACA, students, youth, women, worker, and other. You can view the categorisation by clicking here clicking here. We notice that youth have organised 2 in 10 of the protests. Women and students combined have organised 1 in every 10 protests. Workers have organised a small portion of the protests.

Event types

Finally, the distributions event types during the 52 Fridays are fairly consistent. Rallies were the most common type of event, followed by human chains and stands. Other protest forms such as car rallies and marathons form a minority.

over 7 in 10 protests during the 52 Fridays were rallies. The other three were either stands, human chains or other protest forms. This distribution is consistent with the daily digests that we have been doing of Friday protests.


The table bellow contains links to individual reports for the 52 Fridays of 2014 (click here to go back to the report):

Date # Arabic English
03-01-2014 click here click here
10-01-2014 click here click here
17-01-2014 click here click here
24-01-2014 click here click here
31-01-2014 click here click here
07-02-2014 click here click here
14-02-2014 click here click here
21-02-2014 click here click here
28-02-2014 click here click here
07-03-2014 click here click here
14-03-2014 click here click here
21-03-2014 click here click here
28-03-2014 click here click here
04-04-2014 click here click here
11-04-2014 click here click here
18-04-2014 click here click here
25-04-2014 click here click here
02-05-2014 click here click here
09-05-2014 click here click here
16-05-2014 click here click here
23-05-2014 click here click here
30-05-2014 click here click here
06-06-2014 click here click here
13-06-2014 click here click here
20-06-2014 click here click here
27-06-2014 click here click here
04-07-2014 click here click here
11-07-2014 click here click here
18-07-2014 click here click here
25-07-2014 click here click here
01-08-2014 click here click here
08-08-2014 click here click here
15-08-2014 click here click here
22-08-2014 click here click here
29-08-2014 click here click here
05-09-2014 click here click here
12-09-2014 click here click here
19-09-2014 click here click here
27-09-2014 click here click here
03-10-2014 click here click here
10-10-2014 click here click here
17-10-2014 click here click here
24-10-2014 click here click here
31-10-2014 click here click here
07-11-2014 click here click here
14-11-2014 click here click here
21-11-2014 click here click here
28-11-2014 click here click here
05-12-2014 click here click here
12-12-2014 click here click here
19-12-2014 click here click here
26-12-2014 click here click here

The table below contains the names of each of the 52 Fridays of 2014 (click here to go back to the report):

Date # Name (Arabic) Name (English)
03-01-2014 الشعب يشعل ثورته‬ The people spark their revolution
10-01-2014 إسقاط دستور الدم overthrowing the bloody constitution
17-01-2014 أسبوع التصعيد الثورى Revolutionary escalation
24-01-2014 التحدي الثوري Revolutionary defiance
31-01-2014 الصمود وفاء للشهداء Resiliance is loyality for the martyrs
07-02-2014 الشعب يستكمل ثورته The people continue their revolution
14-02-2014 رابعة أيقونة الثورة Rabaa is the icon of the revolution
21-02-2014 الطلبة طليعة الثورة Students are at the forefront of the revolution
28-02-2014 لن يحكمنا الفسدة The corrupt will not rule us
07-03-2014 لن يحكمنا الصهاينة والأمريكان Zionists and Americans will not rule us
14-03-2014 الشارع لنا .. معا للخلاص The streets belong to us .. together for salvation
21-03-2014 الشارع لنا .. معا للخلاص The streets belong to us .. together for salvation
28-03-2014 معا للخلاص together for salvation
04-04-2014 عاش نضال الطلبة Long live the student's struggle
11-04-2014 الإنقلاب أصل الخراب The coup is the origin of havoc
18-04-2014 مصر مش تكية Egypt is not a poorhouse
25-04-2014 حاميها حراميها The keepers are the theives
02-05-2014 زواج أمريكا من مصر باطل Egypt and USA marriage is void
09-05-2014 باطل مايحكمش The void shall not rule
16-05-2014 قاطع إنتخابات الدم Boycott blood elections
23-05-2014 قاطع رئاسة الدم Boycott bloody president
30-05-2014 تقدمو تنتصرو March forward and you will succeed
06-06-2014 العسكر فاكرينها تكية The military thinks its a poorhouse
13-06-2014 الحرية لمصر Freedom for Egypt
20-06-2014 مصر مش معسكر Egypt is not a military camp
27-06-2014 سنحيا كراماٌ We will live with dignity
04-07-2014 جمعة الغضب Friday of rage
11-07-2014 المقاومة أمل الأمة Resistance is the hope of the nation
18-07-2014 لبيك غزة We are with you Gaza
25-07-2014 عيد الشهيد Martyr eve
01-08-2014 المقاومة امل الامة Resistance is the hope of the nation
08-08-2014 وتنتصر المقاومة And the resisitance is victorious
15-08-2014 لقصاص مطلبنا Retribution is our demand
22-08-2014 القصاص مطلبنا Retribution is our demand
29-08-2014 صوت الغلابة ثورة‬ The voice of the poor is revolution
05-09-2014 تورة حتي النصر Revolution until victory
12-09-2014 مصر كبيرة عليهم Egypt is too big for them
19-09-2014 قسم الثورة و عهد الشهيد The oath of the revolution and the era of the martyr
27-09-2014 العدالة Justice
03-10-2014 الله أكبر عيدنا النصر God is great, our Eid is victory
10-10-2014 الطلاب فرسان الثورة Students are the knights of the revolution
17-10-2014 أنصروا الأقصي Support Aqsa
24-10-2014 أسقطوا الإنقلاب Bring down the coup
31-10-2014 العسكر يبيع سيناء Military sold Sinai
07-11-2014 قاوموا الظلم Resist injustice
14-11-2014 عودوا إلي ثكناتكم Return to your your barracks
21-11-2014 قوتنا في وحدتنا Our strength is in our unity
28-11-2014 الله أكبر يد واحدة God is great, we are one hand
05-12-2014 القصاص والإسطفاف Retribution and alignment (unity)
12-12-2014 معاٌ نكمل ثورتنا Together we continue our revolution
19-12-2014 معاٌٌ ننقذ مصر Together we save Egypt
26-12-2014 مكملين والله مولانا We will continue and God is our lord

The table below contains the organiser categorisations. (click here to go back to the report):

organizer category
Anticoup aliance ACA
Youth against coup youth
Ultras youth
Soot El-Horreya youth
Deamons against coup youth
Dank Movement worker
Students against coup students
Women against coup women
Girls against coup women
7AM movement youth
Ahrar Shebaas other
Students against coup students
Ahrar El-mohandeseen other
Ahrar Helwan other
Soot El-horra women
Ahrar against coup other
Harair Domyaat women
Youth movement coalition youth
Hooreya movement women
Children against coup other
Free students movement students
Horeyet el-mansoora women
Freedom movement other
Genneyaat thawreya women
Batel movement other
Dawsha movement other
Academics against coup other
Thawreya horra women
Borkaan movement other
Forsan Rabaa movement other
1st of May movement worker
Lions against coup other
Workers against coup worker
Tanta citizens against coup other
Mekameleen movement other
12AM movement other
Revolutionary deamons (female) women
khanaqtoona movement other